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Great App

And with the integration to gmail is an added plus

Essential app for me

Love this app! It lets me be proactive about cleaning instead of reactive (after it gets embarrassingly bad). I love the room cleanliness indicators that are auto generated based on the average status of the chores for that room (which lets me prioritize the dirtiest room). I love that if you dont do something on time it just remains there overdue, just like the real chore does. I like the todo list that will show you everything due today, and the done today list that lets you see everything you accomplished, so even if you didnt get it all you can still feel good about it.

Unlike any other app

This is unlike any cleaning app I have used. Im not very good at cleaning routines. I dont always do things exactly once a day or once a week...just dailyish or weeklyish. This app helps me to see how urgent each task is because it takes into account not only how overdue it is but also how often you do that task. Something that hasnt been done for a day thats a weekly task is not too urgent but something that hasnt been done for a week that is a daily task is very urgent. It really allows my cleaning to be flexible. I also like that I can use it whether my house is super messy or fairly clean. If its fairly clean, I aim for each room to be in the green. If its very messy, I just try to get each room to a lighter red, then orange, then green. It gives me instant gratification that my house is getting cleaner, even if its hard to tell by looking around, and then I am more motivated to keep cleaning. The price is more than I would normally pay, but this is such a unique and useful app, I have to say it is worth it.


Excellent app. Super easy to use, great for goal oriented people, and fun to see your chores disappear from your to do option. Only use the to-do option as it is not to overwhelming. Love it!

Almost Perfect

The ONLY thing I dont like about this app is if I complete a task at, say, 4pm, it wont show up on my to-do list until the next time its due, but at 4pm that day. This really sucks when you think youve completed all your tasks for the day, but then others start popping up all throughout the day. I would rather have all due today tasks listed first thing in the morning on the to-do list so I can plan my day accordingly. Otherwise, this app is brilliant. I will continue to use it as it is.

Worth every penny!

I am "housekeeping challenged". This app helps me by telling me what is most urgent, and reminding me of what needs to be done. I simply have what I call "Tody time" every day, and work through as much as I can of the tasks that are due.

Bugs and appearance

There are few bugs: the app offers a "Did it on" option but it doesnt actually work. The appearance of the background is shallow. On the up side it is a not-nudging app, the sounds are nice, it is easy to use and the time span to set for each chore is really flexible. On the whole I dont feel like paying an extra annual fee to share the done/to do chores with others. I hope in some improvement in the future about the possibility to flag some chores as urgent or set one of fee chores.

The best cleaning app for me

Im a busy housewife that gets migraines regularly, is always playing catch up & is very visual. Tody works great for me! I agree that a copy task feature (including notes) to another room or multiple rooms would be handier as well as a more noticeable notification system. On the other hand, I may be overrun by my high expectations when life goes stampeding over my cleaning plans. Perhaps a priority system could aid that potential situation? The plan sharing cost for EACH person also seems a little much, but Im not a developer to know if that really is over the top. Overall, the core concept of this app really works for know, besides it actually DOING the cleaning for me.

Worth The Money

There are three modes of cleaning. Relaxed, Standard, and Proactive. By choosing your style of cleaning it will automatically suggest the amount of days, weeks, or months for the preprogrammed cleaning guide. This is really amazing especially since it suggests things that someone might forget like washing your outside Windows or wiping down your inside doors. I highly suggest you just load everything in that is listed for each area unless of course you dont own it (e.g. I dont have glass shower doors in our upstairs bathroom so I didnt add in that task). Its well worth the money and the capsule colors keep you in line with what area needs the most attention. I personally check each zone every day to see whats in the red (meaning whats either due or behind). Also I love how it keeps track of how overdue I am on a task. For instance I actually made a zone called cat, lol. In the zone I put throughly wash cat box every two months, empty poo every day, and change the pellets monthly (we use the Breeze system), as well as change pee pad every ten days. It is amazing how many times I get busy and time slips by and it will read throughly clean litter box as all red and I will think to myself man two months went by already? My only suggestion for using this app is not to wait for the main area to be red. Check the areas daily. There is notifications that you can set to remind you when tasks are due or overdue so you can set those up as well. I love this app.

So helpful!

Ive got a 15 month old, so I spend much of my day cleaning up one disaster after another. Its funny how cleaning all day makes you forget to actually, you know, clean. Like, mop-the-floors-that-arent-covered-in-something-sticky clean. Just doing one or two things everyday before they get out of hand really makes it all more manageable. And good lord, if there isnt anything more rewarding than finally checking something off your list! Love it!!

Extremely useful

I have needed this app for my whole life to organize me! Im clean but always without a system. I love this!

Perfect for what I need it for

Simple and to the point exactly what I needed

Even got the kids motivated

So far, the best app Ive used to organize and schedule chores. Its easy to sync with other devices , & I love the fact that you can track who does what each month. I use it to track what my kids are completing, so at the end of the month, I pay them by what chores they do.

Worth the price!

I love this app. I was hesitant to shell out $4 at first but Im so glad I did. Ive been driving my friends and family crazy with how much I talk about this app! Highly recommended.


For $4 I expected a much more robust app. The cleaning suggestions are very, very bare minimum. You can add your own but the reason I purchased this app was so I didnt have to do all the leg work myself. I can do the exact same thing for free setting alarms in my calendar and it will take the exact same amount of time. This was a huge waste of money.

Best cleaning organizer!

This is the best Ive found. Great app. I hope they add a few more options like a rotating view.


I love this app! It helps me keep a schedule and prioritize around my house. It is the best house cleaning app that Ive found.

Awesome App

I love this app! It helps me keep track of all my cleaning (at home and work). Its super easy to use and the whole family can share tasks on different devices.

Simple and oh so helpful

I mean if youre looking for an EASY way of keeping track of what needs to be done or if someone asks if you need help whether its a maid or a family member. Just show them the list and let them check it off. Perfect for chores. Love seeing that green!

The Right Features

I havent found a situation that the app cant handle yet-- you can log yesterdays work on yesterdays date, you can put off a task until a given day, and you can amp up or slow down the pace at which you get to things. For someone who has just never been able to see a task and do it right then (so when I do get to cleaning its completely overwhelming), this app helps a lot. I do what I said Id do, at the frequency I said Id do it, and my apartment looks great.

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