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Tody app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1904 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: LoopLoop
6.99 USD
Current version: 4.1.4, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 28 Jan 2013
App size: 51.51 Mb

Tody is a smarter to-do list for managing household cleaning routines. It will optimize and motivate your cleaning.

● Gain flexibility by managing cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need rather than arbitrary dates.

● Tody visualizes dirtiness to motivate cleaning and visualizes the effect of cleaning to enhance satisfaction.

● There are no deadlines, alarms and notifications (optional). Tody puts you in control of your cleaning routines instead of cleaning routines controlling you.

● Turn home cleaning into a game. House members can sync plans across devices and users and check-in to claim credit for their actions.

● Enjoy an extremely easy and intuitive set up of a customized cleaning plan.

● Tody can be customized and scaled to fit almost any needs. It thus suits singles as well as complex households with many members. Even professionals find Tody to be their preferred tool.

Recommended by, Buzzfeed and MacWorld.

Pros and cons of Tody app for iPhone and iPad

Tody app good for

Love this app! It lets me be proactive about cleaning instead of reactive (after it gets embarrassingly bad). I love the room cleanliness indicators that are auto generated based on the average status of the chores for that room (which lets me prioritize the dirtiest room). I love that if you dont do something on time it just remains there overdue, just like the real chore does. I like the todo list that will show you everything due today, and the done today list that lets you see everything you accomplished, so even if you didnt get it all you can still feel good about it.
This is unlike any cleaning app I have used. Im not very good at cleaning routines. I dont always do things exactly once a day or once a week...just dailyish or weeklyish. This app helps me to see how urgent each task is because it takes into account not only how overdue it is but also how often you do that task. Something that hasnt been done for a day thats a weekly task is not too urgent but something that hasnt been done for a week that is a daily task is very urgent. It really allows my cleaning to be flexible. I also like that I can use it whether my house is super messy or fairly clean. If its fairly clean, I aim for each room to be in the green. If its very messy, I just try to get each room to a lighter red, then orange, then green. It gives me instant gratification that my house is getting cleaner, even if its hard to tell by looking around, and then I am more motivated to keep cleaning. The price is more than I would normally pay, but this is such a unique and useful app, I have to say it is worth it.
Excellent app. Super easy to use, great for goal oriented people, and fun to see your chores disappear from your to do option. Only use the to-do option as it is not to overwhelming. Love it!
The ONLY thing I dont like about this app is if I complete a task at, say, 4pm, it wont show up on my to-do list until the next time its due, but at 4pm that day. This really sucks when you think youve completed all your tasks for the day, but then others start popping up all throughout the day. I would rather have all due today tasks listed first thing in the morning on the to-do list so I can plan my day accordingly. Otherwise, this app is brilliant. I will continue to use it as it is.
I am "housekeeping challenged". This app helps me by telling me what is most urgent, and reminding me of what needs to be done. I simply have what I call "Tody time" every day, and work through as much as I can of the tasks that are due.
Im a busy housewife that gets migraines regularly, is always playing catch up & is very visual. Tody works great for me! I agree that a copy task feature (including notes) to another room or multiple rooms would be handier as well as a more noticeable notification system. On the other hand, I may be overrun by my high expectations when life goes stampeding over my cleaning plans. Perhaps a priority system could aid that potential situation? The plan sharing cost for EACH person also seems a little much, but Im not a developer to know if that really is over the top. Overall, the core concept of this app really works for know, besides it actually DOING the cleaning for me.

Some bad moments

For $4 I expected a much more robust app. The cleaning suggestions are very, very bare minimum. You can add your own but the reason I purchased this app was so I didnt have to do all the leg work myself. I can do the exact same thing for free setting alarms in my calendar and it will take the exact same amount of time. This was a huge waste of money.
Functionally it has almost everything I could want... Except it still hasnt been optimized for iPhone 6 & 6s. This significantly detracts from the experience and in my mind makes the developers appear lazy.
App was not useful to me. The notifications were inadequate. Wasted my money. It is very expensive for what it delivers.
Cool idea of the app an hoping to get a real iOS 8 update even for all devices.
Great concept, but kept losing my data. Had to restart 3x and now it wont even allow me to open the app.
I love the look of this app and it would be great for just me to use, but you must have iOS8 in oder to use the sharing feature. This isnt listed anywhere on the itunes information page. SO what would make this app perfect for me, since I cannot use the sharing function, would be the ability to email the list to myself (or someone else) so I could print it out and post it on cleaning day for my whole family to share in the tasks. Other than that I really do love the interface, the simplicity and the way it keeps task ordered and organized, with the timeline bars show visually how long its been since I did the task. I just wish I had some way to share it with the rest of my house mates!

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