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Shuts Down When Deleting Things

I just paid 7 bucks for this and every time I delete something it shuts down the app....... 😡🤬😡🤬

Great for Kids

We can set simple chores for them, and they love it! Definitely worth the money!

Love love love

My family loves this app so much! Everyone is excited to get their chores done with out Mom bossing them around and everything is staying nice and tidy around the house! Seriously a win win! Can’t find the android version tho which would be helpful since my husband has android and can’t get to his chores as easily. :)


I NEVER spend money on an app till now and I’m in LOVE! Seriously y’all, this is perfect!!!!! My ocd and love of lists is in heaven! Lol. I love clicking the “I just did it” button and watching my daily chores dwindle down. I also love that it remembers everything I need to do that I forget or procrastinate! Ha! Great job app developers!!!👊

Love this app!

I have been using this app for several months and use it faithfully. I haven’t made it to zero tasks yet but my house is much cleaner and more organized. I love this app!!!

Worth It! Better than a Spreadsheet!

I purchased this App based on the reviews and love it! It took a bit to input all my tasks and the time/schedules. After the first couple of days, I would add tasks as I did my cleaning and maintenance. After a couple of weeks, I discovered that my home and work did not require me to do the Tasks as frequently as I previously thought. Throughout the last month, I have made adjustments which have freed my time ( much less stress about what I “thought” needed to be done.) I also increased the frequency on tasks that ended up being weekly and not monthly tasks. Everyday the App presents what is “due”. When those Tasks are finished, my Day is complete!😁

Great app for keeping cleaning duties organized

This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m not the best at keeping my place tidy and this app helps keep me organized, and overall my place is much cleaner. Now if I only I could get motivated to tackle my garage...


I would just like say this App is probably my absolute favorite App I have ever found. I have been using it a very short time but I am IN LOVE. It has lessened my stress level just by getting all of my To Dos out of my head and into a world where they always live. That was just the start. Then I noticed my stress level going down more and more each day as my tasks were consistently being accomplished. If your tasks are not done or overdue they range in hues of orange to red. If they are done you get to look at a list of tasks in lovely shades of green which is super rewarding, as if having a clean home were not rewarding enough! It is super personal and you can create your own specific tasks while it also prompts you with common tasks. I do have one request for the developers. It is great to have the option of sorting by area (or not) when viewing your entire to do list. I would really appreciate the ability to see all tasks (completed and not) sorted by the frequency of the task. This would make it much easier to plan out what I need to accomplish. So far I have no other comments. Thank you again for such a fantastic product. PS To those who try this product, check out Kondo. Same App just not for cleaning. Good stuff 😸

Not just a to do list

I’ve been searching for an app just like this and it’s perfect. It’s not just a to do list for your household chores. It’s an indicator of how badly something needs cleaning! Love it. Thank you!

Good App but not Great

I do like this app. However, for $7, I feel that it definitely needs some improvements. For instance, there isn’t a way (or, perhaps, I have not figured it out quite yet) to just show your daily tasks. I don’t need to see everything that is “due” in the coming weeks. I just want to filter what I need to get done today. Also, I feel like this app automatically lacks a lot of general things that need cleaning around the house. Sure, you can enter it all manually, but who can remember all that. Something as simple as “Clean windows, baseboards” i.e., other areas that are often forgotten are not automatically included on this app. If this app were cheaper or free, I wouldn’t feel as disappointed. However, there is a lot lacking here as you are not getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Great to coordinate family cleaning schedule

I love that tasks rotate between us. We can quickly see everyone’s contribution in both number of tasks and input of effort. The scale of how diligent we choose to be and the preloaded area tasks are fabulous. Great app for single humans, couples/roommates, and families alike. Task assignment is one we haven’t experimented with, but it looks like a great option.

Added a next day list

Hey Tody if you please would add a next day list in your next update please

Actually helpful

My fiancé convinced me to download this app as we were constantly double cleaning our house and some things we couldn’t remember when we did it last, like wash the curtains or clean all the windows. This makes it super easy to see what needs to be done and when!

Over all great app

I like being able to add tasks that are specific to our house I don’t like that once I open the app it doesn’t tell me which tasks are needing done it just shows colors so I have to guess. Otherwise it’s great!

New procedure for me

I’ve always cleaned by room, doing a whole room at one time. I found myself just ignoring my to do list because there was no time to do a whole room. This has helped so much with tackling the things that actually need done in the time they need done instead of trying to find time to do a whole room at a time. With this app, I might clean the kitchen counter every day, but the cabinets every four weeks. And I like that they have recommendations for you to get started, and you can edit as you get used to the program.

Don’t waste your money

If I paid 2 bucks for this app I wouldn’t even leave a review but 6.99 is ridiculous for what this is.

Most useful app EVER

I’ve been using Tody everyday for over a year. It helps me to prioritize chores as a working mother—since I can only do so much in a day! I never have that feeling that I don’t know where to begin because it shows me what needs my attention the most. And then once I accomplish that, I often end up doing the next item on the list, then the next and the next. I also love that it shows my progress over time and I am always challenging myself to keep the level lower than before. My house has definitely become consistently cleaner over time and I spent 0 time thinking about it. And for those days that I’m exhausted but could maybe accomplish “just one thing”... I know what to do. It manages that “overwhelmed and don’t know we’re to start” feeling because it shows you exactly what needs your attention the most. And it gauges my progress over time so I’m always trying to challenge myself. It has improved my home and my attitude over housekeeping and takes the thought process out, which is usually the very thing that keeps from getting started at all.

Love it

The good reviews are true. Worth $6.99. Took awhile to get chores in App, but easy to do. I’m putting everything in there, including personal like manicure etc. Love how chores show out of season and puts them in automatically when I need to do them. Love how it changes colors if I don’t get everything done instead of just starting chores over. It’s fun to get red items off the list. Also love the rating chores easy to more time consuming. Most of mine are easy under 10 minutes. Love how everything is on one to do list-can do it anytime during day or if I’m tired just let it go until next day.

It is a pain to check things off

It is a nice idea, begins able to see when something needs to be done and what is about to need to be done. However, why do I have to open each individual task to check it off? Why can’t I swipe it to check it off? It is a pain so I tend to avoid using the app. And that’s a bummer because I rarely ever spend this much on apps.

Tried so many apps, should have gotten this one instead.

This is the one app I was looking for. I saw this app right at the beginning of my search for a house organization app, and wanted to see if there was a better free app. Let me save you a year of your time - there’s not. Spend the money, you’ll not regret it. It’s perfect and wonderfully designed.

Attention Deficit Approved

As a list maker, this helps so much because my list is now pre-made and I can update and customize it as needed. I have a hard time deciding what to tackle first even when it comes to routine tasks, so the color indicator bars let me visualize what’s most important. Worth the money and has made me more efficient when cleaning the house.

Love it!

This was definitely worth the money. This app has helped me stay organized and on task. It is often hard for me to keep my house together, especially with young children but this app has helped tremendously!!

Most helpful

Excellent concept, and once you get going and developing your own time periods it gets better! A few touches on the UI and this would a 5.


I like that the app allows you to set up all your rooms and chores for that room underneath them. I also like the bar that tells you if a room needs attention and you can set each chore to the time frame of attention of your liking. The app notifications needs some work. The cheer does not work when you complete a chore, the notifications are just for you to open the app. I also wish there was an ascending and descending option available in the sorting.



Can’t add family

This would be a good app but you can’t add family members to the app. I def don’t want the kids using my phone all day. Kind of a bummer since I had to pay $7 for it.


App works amazing, I love being able to just see everything laid out and not have it be on a calendar schedule so to speak. It would be extra perfect if it was iPad supported (i.e. At least supports landscape mode) PLEASE implement that I beg of you!!

Every home owner should have it

This is one of the few apps I actually use everyday. It’s easy to use and I like the flexibility it gives if I fall behind a day or two. My house has never looked better! Things aren’t piling up like they used to. Highly recommend.

Simple app that is a big help

You’d think a 50-something year old could accomplish housecleaning tasks without an app, but Tody has been helping me do just that! It’s easy to use & gives me the little bit of motivation and reminder to take care of my daily tasks.

My house is much cleaner- with less effort!

I’m so pleased with this app, it feels like I spend less time cleaning. I used to bunch up the chores in 3 hr sessions infrequently or get overwhelmed/ discouraged that all the effort didn’t fix the dirt, lime scale and dust. Now I spend short bursts cleaning when the app reminds me and the entire house always looks presentable. A clean house is a happy house!

So worth it! So, so worth it!

I was hesitant to download this app because, hey- it isn’t cheap, but the reviews don’t lie. This app will change the way you clean. I don’t feel pressured by a cleaning calendar and I’m never worried about what zone I’m working in. I simply clean what’s due. Sometimes I only have time to knock off 1 or 2 things on my list, but my house stays super clean because the most critical items are resolved first. Moreover, because this app is not cheap, it makes me a lot more motivated to use it. I believe in getting my money’s worth! Download this!!

Leaderboard Crash

5 stars all the way...Except the app started closing whenever I try to check out the leaderboard. I have 3 teens and it's fabulous to tell them to pick from the app instead of having a debate about who did what last!

Good, but could be better

This app seems like a really great idea, except for 3 problems: 1. Names having to be 5 letters or less (longer names don’t fit) 2. You can’t reorder tasks in a room and 3. Not so much a problem as it is a suggestion, rooms should be assignable so you don’t have to go through each task in a room and give it an owner (like in the case of bedrooms)

Cleaning made manageable

I downloaded this app after hearing about it on The Lazy Genius Podcast. My cleaning style usually consists of: 1) realizing my house is a disaster 2) downloading Martha Stewart cleaning checklists to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS 3) after spending 6+ hours per week for a few weeks, realizing it will never get done. This app only tells me the most important things to clean right now, and since they are all task based, they each take less than 10 minutes. It’s great for doing one or two chores before or after work. If I find myself with extra time and ambition, I can work ahead. My house always FEELS cleaner now, even though I’m spending way less time cleaning. Totally worth the price.

Loving this app

Love this app so far. It is worth the $7. Its keeping me on track & it is very customizable.

Keep track of housework without losing your mind!

A few reasons I love this app: -The status bars help me see what room or task needs the most attention, so I can use my limited time efficiently and make the biggest difference in my house’s overall feel. -I’ve tried multiple systems with daily, weekly, etc. lists, but I need more flexibility than a list of “Monday tasks” I’ll inevitably push back to Tuesday (or Wednesday). Flexible systems can be hard to keep track of, but Toby makes it easy. When I do the task, it automatically resets the clock so I don’t have to figure out when I need to do it again. -I make ample use of the “vacation” feature, so I don’t come back after a weekend out of town and feel like I’m way behind on everything. There are a few features I would love to see in the future: -Ability to set a one-time task, as opposed to a recurring one. Maybe with a “due date” option to set the status bar. I would like to include organizational projects in this app, but they’re not all things I want to be recurring. -Ability to change the “cleanliness” manually after a task is set to make it due sooner. For example, if you have a guest bathroom that usually only gets cleaned once every two months (because it is rarely used), but after someone stays with you it needs to be cleaned right away. Right now the only way to make it due now is to make a new task or delete a previous action on that task. -Smart frequency detecting - As I started using Toby, I found myself adjusting the frequency of certain tasks until I found the right frequency for me. I was thinking that Toby might be able to detect if I was doing a task more or less frequently than it is set for, and ask me if I want to adjust the frequency accordingly (say, after 3 times that you do a task really early or really late). Obviously, I love the app overall, these are just a few things I thought might streamline my experience.

Game changer!

I’ve always gotten overwhelmed when it comes to keeping my house clean, and this changes everything! It eliminates the overwhelm by telling me exactly what to do when I hav the time. Totally worth the money.

Keeps me on task!

Love this app. It keeps me on task and the gamification of the app keeps my kids engaged and willing to help!


If you enjoy seeing what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day, or would like to keep an eye on keeping your house clean! You will love this app! It helps me stay on task and get my family equally involved.

Life Changing for the ADD afflicted!

It sounds too good to be true, right? How can an app make that much of a difference? I took the plunge and spent the money based on the reviews and it was so worth it! Like so many of us, I am crazy busy and my housekeeping told that horror story all by itself. I was so tired of living with the mess but couldn't afford to have a housekeeper. Tody is the solution for those of us afflicted with ADD. It breaks down what seems insurmountable into small tasks that you can fit into your day. It provides the structure that you need to be able to break all of it down into one easy to use app. You feel a sense of accomplishment in checking things off your to do list and it makes you want to keep up with it! It can be a little rough in the first week, but stick with it. Once you get everything on a schedule, keeping up becomes a breeze! Thank you for this wonderful app!

Great app

First to do list app that works for me.

Was loving crashing!!!

Can’t open app anymore! Please fix. I loved this for the one week I have been using it.

Love it

Love this app - it does exactly what I need it to. My only suggestion would be too add a widget for today’s tasks.

Yes, worth every penny!

I like free apps, but I'm 100% satisfied with paying for this one. I don't have to think about when I last did this or that house chores I didn't do because Tody keeps me accountable. It's so intuitive, easy to use and simple but aesthetically nice. It suggests tasks for me so I don't have to come up with my own and all the basics are covered. The color meters, day countdowns and subtle details of disarray on the room graphics gently gross me out into staying on top of the cleaning. Ex each area of the app has a line drawing. As time passes, the bathroom shower curtain starts to look grimy, wall pictures tilt and bed linens become squiggly. It's cute and a soft reminder that, hey, it's going to get gross/ugly in here soon. Bottom line, it's easy to use and it works!

I recommend this to everyone

I had a problem with the screen not viewing right but the developer emailed me back quickly and was able to easily solve the issue. It’s back to working perfectly. I recommend this to all my friends as it’s a total game changer for a busy family. We even have an “area” for pet stuff like grooming, nails, bath, heartworm meds etc, and a “people” area for haircuts and well visits at the doctor etc.

Changed my attitude about cleaning

I’m a great cook but not a good cleaner. I was feeling so behind in the cleaning of our place and then I found this app a couple weeks ago. I don’t know why, but it has really changed how I feel about cleaning! I kinda look forward to it and I I love checking the items off! This app gives you a sense of accomplishment that reenforces the cleaning habit. The app is simple and straightforward but it’s so worth the money if you are always putting off your cleaning!

Great so far

This is great! Keeps me accountable. I just wish I could set certain times for certain items. I definitely want to have an alarm like feel so I can be accountable daily right before bed for a quick clean. Overall wonderful though.


Does this not have an option to get notifications on your actually home screen?? Only thing I can see is the little numbers on the app which I will always ignore. I can’t seem to figure this out, if I don’t receive real time notifications on my actual screen then I want a refund.

Family must have!

I am a mother of 4 boys! Things get busy and finally a great app that helps me keep track of the cleaning! The best part is having my husband help! He feels like he can know what needs to be done without having to bug me about it!

So incredibly helpful!

I have tried so many ways to keep my house clean from lists to flylady to once a week cleaning and I’ve failed over and over to be consistent. Well this app is changing everything for me and my attitude towards cleaning in general. I love checking to see what is due or about due and I never feel overwhelmed when I check or when I start cleaning. Now it’s only been a week in so I will rate this app again in a couple of months. But so far I can tell a difference in how I feel about it all. Great app & worth the $$ thanks! 😁 👍🏻

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